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Домашні завдання з англійської мови для 10-го класу. Перший семестр

Урок 1

3. І am in the tenth form. I am 15. Yes, I have. (No, I haven't). Her name is Dina. She is 17. My friend is a teenager. Yes, he is. I was born in a big city (small town). I was born on 16th of July 1989. I live in a town (city, village).
4. How old is your brother?
But I have no brother.
I saw you last Sunday at the disco with a boy.
Do you think all the boys are my brothers?

Hello, Alex. I am glad to see you. What are you going to do?
I want to go for a walk.
So, Alex, I saw you yesterday with a girl, is she your sister?
Yes, she is. Her name is Dasha and she is a student. Do you have a sister?
No, I don't. But I have a brother, he is a teenager.

5. 1. Mykola is your friend, isn't he? 2. What is your friend? 3. How old is your brother? 4. Who was at the cinema with you? — My sister was. 5. When was Taras Shevchenko born? — On the 9th of March 1814. 6. Your sister is still in her teens, isn't she? 7. Where do you live?

7. I have a friend. Her (his) name is Nina (Nick). She (he) is 15 years old. She (he) goes in for sports and likes to play tennis very much. My friend lives not far from me. So we often go for a walk together. I like my friend because she (he) is really a good girl (boy).

Урок 2

12 This is a family. It is not very large, I think. There are six members of the family. They are: grandfather grandmother, father, mother, son and daughter. The family is in the room. The room is not big. There are a desk, two arm-chairs, one chair in the room, the clock is on the wall, it is quarter past nine. The grandfather is sitting in the arm-chair and reading a newspaper, the grandmother is sitting in the arm¬chair too, she is knitting. The mother is sitting at the desk and reading a book. The father is speaking on the telephone. The children are playing toys.
13. This is a family. The family is in the room. It is quarter past nine. The family is large. The grandfather is reading a newspaper, the grandmother is knitting, the mother is reading a book, the father is speaking on the telephone, the children are playing toys. Yes, he is. Yes, he is.
15. My family is not large. My family consists of father, mother and little brother. My father is a doctor. No, I haven't. (Yes, I have). My sister is a student. She is 20. Yes, I have. Yes, she does. No, they don't. No, I haven't.
17. My family is small. It consists of father, mother and sister. My father is 52. He is a operator. My mother is 48. She is very kind woman. She is a doctor. My sister is a doctor too. She is older than me, she is 26.1 have a grandfather and a grandmother, but they live far from us. We go to our grandparents every rest a day. I like my family very much. I have an uncle and an aunt. They live in a little town, but in a big house. Every summer I go to visit my uncle, aunt and my cousin.


22. 1 can see a room. Yes, it is. In the middle of the room I can see a desk, two chairs, the lamp and exercises on the desk. The desk is round. There is a bookcase in the corner of the room. I can see a picture and a carpet on the walls. There are a lamp and exercises on the desk. There is a vase on the bookcase. There are two windows in the room. I can see a girl in the room. She is sitting at the desk and writing.
23. Do you have a room? Is your room large or small, clean or dirty? Do you have м blackboard in your room? What is at the window in your room? Do you have a desk ? Is it big? What is in the corner of your room? Do you have a flower on your desk? Is there a shelf in your room? Is your room light? 7.1 have a room. It is not large, but very light. There are a sofa, a desk, a chair, two shelves in my room. The sofa is at the wall, the desk is at the window, the chair is at the desk, the shelves are on the right hand from the window. There are many books on the shelves. I have a beautiful flower in the corner of my room, it is in the big vase. I like my room very much.

Урок 4

32. It is five minutes past six at the watch number two. It is half past one at the watch number three. It is eleven past seven at the watch number four. It is twelve past twelve at the watch number five. It is ten at the watch number six. It is five to eight at the watch number seven.
33. Bob and Dick at the railway station. B.: It's five past six.
D.: Yes, it is. The train is late.
В.: І don't think so. My watch is seven minutes fast.
D.: You are wrong, I put your watch right at home.
B.: And what time is on your watch?
D.: It is seven past six.

36.2. б) origin of the word; with the development of sciences; they are not convenient to use; equivalents in the mastering language; take up too much room; dictionaries of this kind are very useful for translators. в) We need dictionaries for various purposes.
I know many special dictionaries such as commercial, technical, medical. Students of foreign language need dictionaries which give meanings, explanations and examples in a foreign language, and dictionaries, which contain all the words in common use in their own language.
3. 1) What is the dictionary.
2) Special dictionaries.
3) Different kinds of dictionaries.
4) The dictionaries for students of foreign language.
5) Dictionary and the translation.

Урок 5

42. 1) It will be Sunday tomorrow. 2) Today is Saturday. 3) It's twelve o'clock. 4) It's quarter past seven. 5) When do you get up? 6) What day will be tomorrow? 7) Today is not Saturday, today is Friday. 8) There are 366 days in a leap-year. 9) What is in the middle of your room? 10) Do you have a bookcase in your room?

43.2. a) 1) There are people who can only remember things after they repeated them many times, but when they learned them they wouldn't forget them.
2) In school it is not so easy to learn a second language because pupils have so little time for it.
3) Charles Dickens, a famous English writer, said that he could walk down any long street in London and then tell you the name of every shop in it.
б) Гарна пам'ять — значна допомога у вивченні мови. Будь-хто вивчає свою рідну мову через запам'ятовування того, що чув, коли був дитиною, деякі діти — як хлопці та дівчата, що живуть зі своїми батьками за кордоном — вивчають дві мови так само легко, як одну. У школі не так легко вивчити другу мову, тому що учні мають обмаль часу для цього і зайняті вивченням інших предметів так само.
Урок 6

47. А.: Let's go to the disco tomorrow.
M.: May be, but what day will be tomorrow?
A.: Tomorrow will be Saturday.
M.: So today is Friday. Oh, I forgot, I must visit my grandmother at seven o'clock. Do you know what time is it now? A.: It's half past six.
M.: Today is twenty-fifth of October and I have a good present for her.
A.: Well, see you tomorrow.
M,: Of course, bye.

49.1) I watch TV every day. 2) He watched TV yesterday. 3) I shall watch TV tomorrow. 4) You will watch TV tomorrow. 5) I am watching TV now. 6) When Piter came to the room, his friend was watching TV. 7) Do you often watch TV? 8) When do you watch TV usually? 9) Who watched TV programme yesterday at eight o'clock?

Урок 7

55.1) My favourite kind of sports is gymnastics. 2) Sport helps me to be healthy. 3) He is the best basketball player of our school. 4) My friend is the best chess player in our class. 5) The pupils of our class go in for many kinds of sport. 6) The athlets of our school show the better results in jumping. 7) We take part in the sports competitions and take the first place. 8) Who won? — Piter. 9) I didn't take place in these competitions. 10) Who took part in competitions? — The athlets of our school.
56.2. a) in two minutes; factory is on fire; put the fire out; burning building; the thing was that; the man; unconscious; other workers; get down; air bridge; the hero. 6) The story describes the fire in the factory. Two men had remained in the factory. Some men push out of the window opposite the burning building a long ladder. Many people in the crowd shut their eyes not to see Jem fall. 3. 1) It was difficult to put the fire out because there is no water around there. 2) The owners of the factory didn't feel unhappy about the fire because their factory was insured. 3) Two men had remained in the factory because they had not seen the fire approach. 4) The two men could not get down because the staircase had been destroyed by the fire. 5) The hero's name was Jem Wilson. He saved the lives of two men.

Урок 8

63. It is reasonable to think that athletic contests were first organized some 3,500 years ago. There are records of the champions of Olympia from 766 B.C. The Olympic Games were abolished in A.D. 393. The first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896. In 1996 the Ukrainian Olympic team for the first time took part as an independent state and won 22 medals.

Урок 9

70.1) The apples are red. 2) The men are playing the piano. 3) These women are teachers. 4) The children are playing in the yard. 5) These are men. 6) Those ago women. 7) These windows are open. 8) Those trees are tall. 9) This is my exercise-book, and those are my pens. 10) Those are feet. 11) Those are shelves.
74.1) I read books every day. 2) I shall not read tomorrow. 3) What are you reading now? 4) When I came to room, she wasn't reading. 5) I told you I have read this book. 6) I have read this book already. 7) I read these books last summer. 8) She doesn't like to read, she likes to draw. 9) Do you like to read, don't you? 10) This book is interesting, isn't it? 11) The XXVI Olympic Games took place in 1996, didn't they? 12) When did the XXVII Olympic Games take place? — In 2000.

Урок 10

78.1) He is working in the garden now. 2) We are listening to the radio now. 3) Ann doing her homework now. 4) I am reading newspapers now. 5) She is cleaning room now. 6) John is writing letters now. 7) My friend is listening to music now.
81.2. a) Sleepy Hollow is situated on the Eastern shore of the Hudson River.
About a headless horseman.
Crane was in love with Katrina.
Crane feared most a certain Brunt.
One night the schoolmaster rode to the party at Van Tassel's.
The schoolmaster looked sad after his conversation with Katrina because it was unpleasant.
3. Crane was a tall and very thin man. Brunt was a tall and strong young man and most people liked him for his bravery. Katrina was a pretty girl and attracted the attention of every young man in the village. 83.1) I enjoyed this play. 2) Did you enjoy this play? 3) You enjoyed this play, didn't you.? 4) I think, you will enjoy this play. 5) This book is not enjoy. 6) We enjoy the New і Yeares party. 7) You enjoy this party, don't you? 8) Who enjoyed this party? 9) I (didn't enjoy this party. 10) I think, you enjoyed this play, didn't you?


Ukraine is one of the largest countries. It has the territory of about 603,700 sq. km. It has the population of more than 48 million. Ukraine borders on Poland, Russia, Bilorus, Moldova, Romania, Hungary. Ukraine is the member of the United Nations Organization. The main river of Ukraine is Dniper. It is rich in mineral resources. Manganese ore, gas, iron, metals, coal have been found in Ukraine. Ukraine produces tractors, TV sets, textiles, shoes, etc.
90. Yes, it does. Yes, it does. Yes, it does. Yes, it is. Yes, it does. Yes, it is. Yes, it is.
92. Kyiv is situated on the river Dniper. Kyiv has population of more than 3 millions inhabitants. The city is green and beautiful. The streets are lined up with chestnut trees. It is the scientific centre. Kyiv has many educational establishments among which are National university, Kyiv-Mohilanska Academy and others. There are a lot of art-galleries and museums.

Урок 12

97.1) She (he) goes to school every day. 2) He (she) always helps his (her) mother about the house. 3) He (she) knows English. 4) He (she) reads much. 5) He (she) has breakfast at 8 o'clock. 6) He (she) can swim across the river. 7) He (she) can make a good translation of this text. 8) He (she) usually finishes his (her) work at about five о'сlоск.

Урок 13

10З. 1) Ukraine joined the Council of Europe in 1995. 2) Ukraine fulfilled three conditions for joining the Council of Europe. 3) Ukraine's policies towards national minorities were regarded as some of the most progressive. 4) Parliamentary and presidential elections were considered to be free and fair. 5) The new Constitution of Ukraine was adopted on June 28, 1996. 6) On June 28 was proclaimed the state holiday — the Constitution's Day.
104. 1) Ann studied English. 2) My father worked at a factory. 3) My mother finished work at 5 o'clock. 4) The Klymenkos lived in Donetsk. 5) We bought tickets beforehand. 6) Jim had a new coat. 7) The children went to school. 8) We had dinner at 1 o'clock.
107. 2. a) Because the night grew darker and he remembered all the stories about ghosts. He saw the ghost picking up his own head and throwing it at him. I think, Brunt laughed, because he was the ghost, who frightened Crane.
б) 1.As Crane approached the bridge he suddenly remembered all stories about ghosts. 2) Crane's horror became still greater when he saw the horseman held his own head in his hands. 3) On the following day many people gathered on the bank of the stream and saw the schoolmaster's hat and a pumpkin near it. 4) An old farmer brought the news that Crane lived in another village and had been made a judge. 5) Each time the story of Crane was told, Brunt laughed or smiled.

109.1) The Ukrainians are proud of their capital. 2) Kyiv is situated on the both banks of the river Dniper. 3) Kyiv is always beautiful. 4) Kyiv is very popular among many countries. It is scientific, industrial and cultural centre of Ukraine. 5) Every year festivals and cultural conferences are held in Kyiv. 6) There are many universities and institutes in Kyiv. 7) There are many embassies and consulates in Kyiv.

Урок 14

114.1) Last summer I spent my holidays on the sea. 2) I went swimming several times a day. 3) And what did your parents do? 4) They watched the swimmers and lay in the sun. 5) We lived in a small hotel and had our meals in a cafe. 6) We also visited an old town and saw the sights. 7) This trip was very interesting. 8) After two weeks we went home.

115. 1) Will Nick go to school tomorrow? 2) Will they go to the seaside next month. 3) Does mister Abby come to his office at nine o'clock? 4) Do your friends like to the cinema? 5) Does your father go to his office five days a week? 6) Do Petrovs live in Minsk? 7) Are the girls running to the river? 8) Are the children eating their breakfast? 9) Did Peter visit his sister yesterday? 10) Did she spend her holidays in the country last summer?

116. 1) Roman visits his sister very often. 2) Petro will visit his mother tomorrow. 3) Who will visit own brother next week? 4) I had already visited own father. 5) I didn't visit my brother for month. 6) Are you going to visit own brother?' 7) You visit own brother often, don't you? 8) Why don't you visit own mother? 9) When I came to him, he wasn't at home: he was visiting own sister.

Урок 15

126. I am a pupil of the 10th form. I am doing lessons now. I went to the cinema yesterday. My sister helped my mother. When she was cleaning my room, my friend came in. He wanted to play chess with me. My sister said. I had gone to the cinema. In the evening I telephoned him.

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