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Домашні завдання з англійської мови для 10-го класу. Перший семестр

Урок 19

6. 1. Outstanding Ukrainians.
2. Scientific basis of compatriots 19th century.
This text is about Ukrainians making a great contribution to the development of space engineering. One of them is Academician Serhiy Koroliov, he was born in Zhytomyr and his name will go down in history of the world. Mykhailo Yangel, creator of school in development rocket and space equipment, Valentyn Hlushko, general designer of rockets, are famous Ukrainians too. Speaking about Ukrainians' contribution into creation of space technology we must remember scientists of 19th century making a basis of space engineering: Olexander Zasiadko, Konstiantyn Tsiolkovskyi, Yurii Kondratiuk.

Урок 20

12. Plan.
1. Rich English language.
2. The development of English.
The text is about English language: its basis, main road of development. English is the richest language. Its basis is Anglo-Saxon, but many new words came from Norman Conquest, with the Renaissance, for example words of Latin and Greek derivation. And many years every day new and new words are joined.

13.3. a) Miss Martha thought so because the man bought two leaves of stale bread and his fingers were in stains. One day she brought from her room a painting that she had once bought and put it against the shelves behind a bread counter. The man bought stale bread. Yes, she did.
6) When Miss Martha sat down to eat her good dinner, she thought about the poor artist and wanted him to share her meal instead of eating his stale bread. Miss Martha began to wear her best blue silk blouse almost every day. In the room behind the shop she cooked some mixture for her face.
4. 1) He was a man of the middle age, who looked clean and had very good manners.
2) He never bought anything but stale bread. 3) Miss Martha had a very kind heart.
4) She was sure then that he was an artist. 5) Miss Martha loved art. 6) She began to wear blue silk blouse.

Урок 21

16.1) Жінка, яка стоїть біля вікна, моя тітка. 2) Чоловік, який пише щось на столі, мій брат. 3) Вчора я зустрів групу туристів, які розмовляли іноземною мовою. 4) Подорожуючи Африкою, він бачив багато цікавих місць. 5) Переходя¬чи вулицю в Англії, спочатку дивіться праворуч, потім ліворуч. 7) Він стояв біля вікна, думаючи про свого друга. 8) Виступаючи на зборах вчора, я почував¬ся знервовано. 9) Він любить сидіти на дивані, дивлячись телевізор.

19. 1. What is the capital of England?
2. Where is this country situated?
3. What is the climate of England?
4. English is the state language of England, isn't it?
5. Is London very large city?
6. What parts of London do you know?
7. What ocean is England washed by?
8. Who is the main person in England?
9. Do you like English?
10. What are the most interesting places in England (London)?

Урок 22

24. I should write a composition. I knew the rules of writing composition: to have something to say, make a plan, think over the beginning, the main body and the ending. For lack of knowledge I used the dictionary, for lack of time — wrote a small composition. I gathered the materials and began to write. It was very difficult: I should keep to the rules of involving all aspects of language — vocabulary, sentence construction, spelling. My composition was small but interesting.


33. 1) When you want to send a letter, put it into the mail-box. 2) Don't forget, there is a strict order of writing an address. 3) I don't like writing letters. 4) Do you like writing letters? 5) Who likes writing letters? 6) I prefer to telephone. 7) Who doesn't like writing letters? — My son doesn't. 8) I shall send the telegram to my friend tomorrow. 9) Who has written the letter already? 10) What are you doing now? — I am writing a letter. 11) Don't forget to send a telegram. 12) This envelope is very good.

Урок 25

42.Ann: Don't forget to send a telegram to my aunt, dear. Boris: What have happened?
Ann: Tomorrow will be her birthday.
Boris: Oh, of course I shall send a telegram.

Boris: I want to send a telegram.
Clerk: Do you want a picture post-card for your telegram?
Boris: Yes, I do.
Clerk: Here it is. And that will be two hryvnias.

45.2. a) a bright idea, fresh butter, a bread knife, a deep cut in each of the stale leaves, a paper bag, lay down his brushes, a young man.
б) Because she has a kind heart. No, he didn't.
Miss Martha imagined the man's face when he would discover her little secret.
The man looked very angrily.
The young man explained that "artist" was a draughtsman.
Three months he is drawing a plan for a new City Hall, and he makes his drawing in pencil first. When it is finished, he rubs out the pencil lines with stale bread.

Урок 26

49.3); 5); 8);

51. A man and a parrot.
A poor man had a parrot. The parrot had been taught to say the words, "There is no doubt about it". The bird repeated them all day long. One day the master decided that he would sell his parrot. So he went to the market and began to shout, "Who will buy my parrot?" A man liked the bird and bought it although it costed very much. When he carried the parrot home, he said to it: "See, how much money I have paid for you, will you think it clever of me?" "There is no doubt about it", the parrot answered. Some time passed and the man was sorry that he had bought the parrot. "What a fool I was that I threw so much money away!" the man cried out. "There is no doubt about it", the parrot said, and thas time it was right.
Урок 27

56. Two Italian decided to visit Ethiopia.
They made a map of the country's mountains and rivers.
The king said that he wanted to thank scientists for their efforts.
The guide told the king that the scientists had studied the river Nile and Lake Tana.
The king gave them many presents and wished them happiness in their life and success in their work.
Because at the very last moment on the way home when the men almost walked onto their boat they had been asked to stop and to take off their boots.
The Ethiopian land is so dear to us that we cannot give away even a single piece of sand or a single small stone. Yes, they do. Yes, I do.

Урок 28

59.1) Mary decided to write a letter. Who decided to write a letter? What did Mary decide to do? What did Mary do? What Mary decided to write?
2) John went to the post-office. Who went to the post-office? Where did John go? What did John do?
3) Willie likes to write letters. Who likes to write letters? What does Willie like to do? What does Willie like to write?

63.3) English has approximately 500,000 words.
4) One person out of seven in the world speaks perfect English.
5) Egyptian is 5,000 years old.
9) Esperanto is one of the artificial languages.
10) Ukrainian is one of the finest languages in the world.

64.2. a) fresh butter, to leave the shop as quickly as possible, sit close to the stove, some sticks, put hat over, if nothing was the matter, make his way to the door, t6 punish the man for stealing.
б) His name was Seth. Because he had the butter in the hat. The shopkeeper wanted to punish the man for stealing. The shopkeeper said: " I think the fun I have had out of you is worth ninepence so I shan't charge you for that pound of butter in your hat.
в) 1) The shopkeeper went out to shut the windows and through the glass he saw that a man in the shop quickly took a pound of fresh butter from a shelf. 2) "I'll have lots of fun", the shopkeeper said to himself as he thought of a way to punish the man for stealing. 3) Seth wanted to get out of the shop at once, but the shopkeeper took Seth by the shoulder and made him sit close to the stove. 4) Seth didn't know what to do. The butter began to melt and came pouring from under his hat.

Урок 29

7. 1) I received a registered letter.
2) Who did receive a registered letter?
3) I wrote the registered letter to my brother.
4) A picture post-card was very good.
5) What's the charge for a registered letter?
6) Have you sent a telegram already? — No, I haven't.
7) The letter arrived at its destination.
8) I bought a stamped envelope.
9) What's the charge for a stamped envelope?
10) There is a strict order of writing an address.

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