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Домашні завдання з англійської мови для 11-го класу. The second term (lessons 33-52)

74. 1) The Ivan Kotliarevskyi is famous for creating the first work of the new Ukrainian literature.
2) "Aeneid" by Kotliarevskyi was first published in 1798.
3) Yes, "Aeneid" is the masterpiece of Ukrainian humour.
4) This comedy marked the emergence of modern Ukrainian literature.
5) "Aeneid" is presented at the Ivan Franko Theatre nowadays.
6) "Aeneid" is about a Cossack who escapes Turkish captivity, rescues his friends and sails back home to Ukraine.
7) The music to the comedy was written by Serhii Bezusenko.
8) Bohdan Stupka is the famous Ukrainian actor and director.

75. V) The Ivan Franko National Drama Theatre is situated on Ivan Franko Square.
2) The comedy "Aeneid" by Ivan Kotliarevskyi, a masterpiece of Ukrainian humour, was published in 1798.
3) "Aeneid" is a comedy in two acts.
4) "Aeneid" by Kotliarevskyi is based on Virgil's epic.
5) Kotliarevskyi preserves the original Trojan characters but introduces a new setting and social interpretation.
6) The comedy is about a Cossack who escapes Turkish captivity.

76. 1)I was told to see the doctor I was not told to do sums I was not told to go shopping. I was told to learn the regulations of the library. I was not told to>translate the text into English. I was told to go to the theatre.
2) I am asked to buy tickets to the theatre. I am not asked to recite poems. I am not asked to look for a spare ticket. I am asked to speak English. I am not asked to sing songs.
3) You were not asked to take the floor. You were asked to sum up the results. You were asked to refer to this article. You were not asked to take care of him. You were asked to tell us funny stories. You were asked to issue a wall newspaper.
4) He was not advised to go there. She was advised to read books in the original. He was advised to take part in the grand meeting. He was advised to go in for sports. She was advised to read books on English history. He was not advised to learn English every day.

80. 1) The athletic and musical pageant called "Love Will Save the World"took place in the Palace of sports in Kyiv on the 5lh of September.
2) It was a very unusual event because many famous Ukrainian and Russian pop stars played soccer and music.
3) The soccer team of Ukrainian pop stars included Oleksandr Ponomariov, Taras Petrynenko, Yurko Yurchenko, Viktor Pavlik, groups Skriabin, Green Grey and other popular singers.
4) The Russian soccer team included Dmitrii Malikov, Oleksii Glyzin, Volodymyr Kuzmin, Volodymyr Presniakov, Kris Kelmi and some other popular Russian singers.
5) Best of all I like the singers who were the cheerleaders at that sporting event: Natalia Mohylevska and Yevheniia Vlasova.
6) Yes, I think that he is a very talented singer.
7) Among the groups that took part in the competition I like Skriabin best of all.
8) I suppose that all the participants of the event have been to our city.

82. 1) Mother doesn't like how I make coffee. She always makes it herself.
2) How old is your brother? — He is only four, but he likes to do everything by himself.
3) Sally says I speak Russian badly. — Does she? She herself makes a lot of mistakes in her Russian.
4) Can you give me your pencil? — Sorry, I cannot, I need it myself.
5) Do you do your English exercises yourself or do your friends help you to do them? — I always do my homework myself.
6) Look at yourself in the mirror. You don't look well.
7) You mustn't leave the office so early on week-days. I myself leave it at 7 p.m.
8) I like Jack. He never speaks much of himself.
9) They never plant vegetables themselves.

83. 1) I can't explain it to myself.
2) He himself doesn't understand it.
3) She doesn't like to talk about herself.
4) He doesn't love anyone. He doesn't love himself.
5) I can't close this window myself. Help me.
6) I myself don't remember his address.
7) The cat could not open the door herself.
8) Look at yourself in the mirror. You look very nice.


Нобелевська премія була створена у 19 сторіччі Альфредом Нобелем — шведським винахідником, який став багатим, винайшовши динаміт та інші вибухові речовини. Коли він вже. помирав, Нобель повелів, щоб більшість прибутків з його майна щорічно розподілялись у формі премій між тими, хто протягом попереднього року зробив найбільший внесок у добробут суиільства. З того часу ця премія присуджується найвидатнішим діячам науки та культури. Церемонія нагородження відбувається у концертному залі в Стокгольмі, де сам Король Швеції вручає золоті медалі, дипломи та Нобелевські премії лауреатам з фізики, хімії, літератури, медицини та техніки.

87. 1) The Nobel Prize was created in the 19th century by Alfred Nobel — a famous Swedish scientist who invented dynamite.
2) Alfred Nobel's will was to distribute every year the income from the most of his fortune to those who have made the greatest contribution for the welfare of mankind.
3) The Nobel Prize is received nowadays by the laureates in chemistry, physics, technique, medicine and literature.
4) The ceremony of awarding the Nobel Prize takes place in Stockholm's Concert Hall where the King of Sweden himself presents the prizes.

93. 1) Yes, I enjoy sports.
2) I enjoy aerobics and shaping most of all.
3) Sometimes I take part in sport contests.
4) We have both a volley-ball and a basket-ball team at our school.
5) We usually compete with representatives of other schools.
6) Yes, I play tennis sometimes.
7) I'm afraid I am not a very good tennis player.
8) Yes, I have got a bicycle of my own.
9) I go cycling not very often.
10) I enjoy water sports very much, they are very useful.
11) I think I am rather good at swimming.
12) Many my schoolmates swim very well.
13) No, I can't drive a car yet.
14) I know the following outdoor games: lawn tennis, football, basket-ball, volleyball, hockey, rugby and golf.
15) I know the following indoor games: chess, draughts, table tennis, darts, dominoes and cards.
16) I think that basket-ball games and football- matches are most popular in our school.
17) Yes, I can play chess, but I do it very seldom.
18) Frankly speaking, 1 don't know who of them plays ch'ess well.
19) I know that Ukrainian chess player Ponomariov is very talented and skilled. He was the youngest world champion.
20) The best Ukrainian football teams are Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhter Donetsk.
21) Shakhter Donetsk won the Cup of Ukraine last season.

95. 1) Sport is very popular in our country. It serves to keep the body healthy and strong.
2) What kind of sports do you go in for? — 1 am fond of skating.
3) Sport in one kind or another is practiced at schools, factories and plants.
4) When we entered the hall they were training jumping.
5) Our famous sportsmen are often invited to different countries.
6) I used to bathe in the river and lie in sun when I was in the country.
7) Last Sunday we went on an excursion to Lutsk.
8) When you want to go on.a tour, make a list of things.
9) We wash ourselves with soap.
10) Write down what you wear on your feet.

1O1. 1) The World Swimming Championships of 1998 took place in Perth, Australia.
2) Ukrainian duo won two diving gold medals there.
3) Yes. it is very exciting for me to watch diving, but 1 have never done it myself.
4) A friend of mine, who lives in Dnipropetrovsk. goes in for diving and he is very good at it.

105. a) The sportsmen in sector 1 are playing basket-ball.
b) The sportsmen in sector 2 have played basket-ball.
c) The sportsmen in sector 3 are playing volley-ball.
d) The sportsmen in sector 4 have played volley-ball.
e) The sportsmen in sector 5 are jumping.
f) The sportsmen in sector 6 have jumped.
g) My friends and I play basket-ball or volley-ball and jump every day.
h) My friends and I do not play either basket-ball or volley-ball and do not jump every day.
i) My friends and I will play basket-ball or volley-ball and jump tomorrow.

106. 1) I am taking part in the chess contest.
2) Have уоц got a volley-ball team at your school? — No, we haven't.
3) Sport is very popular in Ukraine.
4) Ukrainian sportswomen Olena Zhupyna and Svitlana Serbina won the diving duo gold medals at the World Swimming Championships.
5) Who is the best swimmer at your school? — My friend Mykola is.
6) I enjoy diving very much. Do you enjoy it?
7) I myself don't like to play hockey.
8) What football team do you like best?

Lessons 53-66

14. 1) What kinds of libraries do you know?
2) What is there in the reference library?
3) Can we borrow books from the reference library?
4) What should you do if you want to get a book from a library?
5) In which case can you leave an order for a book?
6) What are two kinds of books in foreign languages that you can find in the library?
7) What should you do if you haven't finished reading a book by the end of the se¬cond week?
8) Where can you read a book or look through the newspapers without getting them from the library?

26. a) The children near the librarian are ordering books or getting them from the library. The boy near the bookshelves is looking for the book he wants to read. One of the girls has ordered a book and got it from the library. The boys and the girls in the reading hall are reading books or magazines. After the boys have read the books they will give them back to the library.

27. 1) Where are the books kept9 — They are kept in libraries.
2) Who are the books written by? — They are written by writers and scientists.
3) Who was the letter sent by? — It was sent by my brother.
4) Who was this book presented by? — It was presented by the author.
5) Where was this article read by you? — It was read by me in the reading hall.
6) Who was this book written by? — It was written by Oscar Wilde.
7) Who was this poem recited by? — It was recited by our teacher.

28. 1) I was presented with a book by her mother.
2) He was shown the library by her.
3) The article was read by us in the reading hall.
4) The dinner was cooked by them in 10 minutes.
5) The house will be built next summer.
6) Exams will be passed by them in January.
7) The parcel will be sent by my friend tomorrow.
8) Bread is bought by us at the baker's.

48. 1) I like to go to the department store.
2) I have bought a new dress at the department store.
3) Have you ever been to the super market? — No, I haven't. There is no supermarket in our town.
4) How much do these shoes cost? — 200 hryvnias.
5) Who will go to the baker's? — I will.
6) What size of shoes do you wear? — 39.
7) You can buy ready-made clothes at the department store, can't you?

53. a) The young woman at counter 2 has received a registered letter.
b) The old woman at counter 3 is receiving a parcel.
c) The girls at counter 1 are getting a poste restant letter.
d) The men at counter 3 are sending post-cards.
e) The old woman at counter 3 will unwrap the parcel after receiving it.
f) Tomorrow I will go to the post-office and I will receive a poste restante letter at counter 1 and a parcel at counter 3.

61. 1) In Ukraine we have very many national holidays: for example, New Year Holiday. Christmas Day, Women's Day, Easter, Victory Day, Independence Day and so on.
2) The independence of Ukraine was proclaimed on the 24th of August, 1991.
3) The constitution of Ukraine was adopted on the 28lh of June, 1996.
4) We celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January.
5) We celebrate Trinity in 50 days after Easter.

63. a) 1) I will be able to visit you tomorrow.
2) He will be able to speak English in two years.
3) She will be able to send a parcel tomorrow.
4) We shall not be able to go to the cinema on Sunday.
5) Who will be able to read the book by Monday?
6) Will you be able to do this task?
7) You will be able to bring this book tomorrow, won't you?
8) She will be able to buy two post-cards, won't she?
b) 1) I shall have to visit him
2) You had to do this exercise.
3) We will have to do this exercise.
4) They had to sell the house.
5) You did not have to say that.
6) She did not have to answer that question.
7) I had to do these exercises yesterday.
8) Who had to be on duty yesterday?

68 1) Yes. the Earth is definitely our home.

2) "The Reel Book" is the list of rare and extmcting species of plants and animals.
3) Yes. I suppose, in our region there are some rare animals.
4) Yes, I try to take care of nature, for example, to take part in subbotnics and not to pollute the environment.
5) My friends and I used to make starling-houses and mangers for birds in spring.
6) Yes, we also make mangers in winter and feed birds.
7) I think that the main ways to protect nature are to lessen pollution, to recycle waste products and to create nature parks and to introduce strict fines for polluting the environment.
8) Ecology is our environment and at the same time the science.that studies it.

69 1) You liked tHe film, didn't you? — Yes. I did, very much.
2) I like folk songs.
3) Did you go to the variety theatre yesterday?
4) The actors' performance and the music were not very good.
5) Which theatre do you like best?
6) Did you go to the grocery store? — No, I didn't.
7) This dress is not expensive, is it?
8) I do not like to go to the department store.
9) How much do these shoes cost? — 30 hryvhias.
10) What size of shoes do you wear? — 41.
11)1 have bought two rolls.
12) I do not like tinned meat.
13) I have received the parcel from Lvov.
14) I don't want anyone to know that I receive letters from this girl. That is why I use Poste Restante.
15) What'is the charge for an air-mail registered letter? — I don't know. Ask at the post-office.
16) We celebrate Independence Day on the 24,h of August and Constitution Day — on the 28lh of June.

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