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Домашні завдання з англійської мови для 10-го класу. Другий семестр

Урок 45

84. I'd like to drink some juice.
What juice would you like?
Apple juice.
Do you like to drink juice before having dinner?
Yes, I do.
And what do you usually have for your dinner?
Usually I have soup or beetroot soup, mashed potatoes and cutlet or vegetables, cup of tea and cheese.

86.2. a) sporting ground, sporting shoes, to replace the papers, to his luck, unhappy incident, to leave college, let us hope, honest man. He is the most suspicious. What are you going to do? He was hiding behind the curtain. He was not detected. He has been offered employment.

Урок 48

103. Doctor: What's the matter?
Patient: I have a headache, a cough and a cold in the head.
Doctor: I must examine you. Your throat isn't inflamed. But your temperature is 38. You have to keep to your bed for a few days, and use some medicines.
Patient: Thank you. ,
Doctor: You can buy medicines at the chemist's. Good luck and I'll see you next Monday.

107. 1) I had gargled the throat. 2) What are you doing now? — I am gargling the throat. 3) Where do you buy the pills? — At the chemist's. 4) When I came in, he was taking the medicine. 5) I was gargling the throat, when he phoned me. 6) I was at the doctor's two days ago. 7) What's the matter? — I have a flue. 8) Where is the chemist's? — Round the corner of the street.

Урок 49

What's the matter with you?
I have a pain in the knee.
Don't worry, I'll telephone to our district doctor.
Do you think doctor will come soon?
Yes, of course I think so. Now you must keeping to your bed and I'll bandage your knee.

115. 2. 6) old things, well-lit streets, for example, along the dark narrow streets, two rows of benches, quite simple, a sack of wool, seems very funny, central heating, to start fighting,
3. No, they don't. The English Parliament consists of the House of Lords and The House of Commons. There is the strip of a carpet in front of the benches in the House of Commons. The shout "Order!" was often heard in the Houses of Parliament.

Урок 50

119. 2. They knew nothing about, at an early age, to organize the expedition, to help him, to insist on returning home, strange trees and flowers, with great surprise, one of the islands, made settlement, last voyage, being sure.
3. In the 15th century people knew only three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Christopher Columbus was born in 1440. The first voyage of Columbus began in 1942, on August 3. On the third voyage Columbus came to South America. It was 1493. In 1506 Columbus died.

Урок 53

1) I'm afraid you are wrong. I think this exercise isn't easy. 2) I'm afraid you are wrong. I think this boy isn't a good friend. 3) I'm afraid you are wrong. This restaurant isn't good. 4) I'm afraid you are wrong. I think I haven't bought a nice present for her. 5) I'm afraid you are wrong. I think she doesn't like coffee. 6) I'm afraid you are wrong. There aren't many books on the shelf. 7) I'm afraid you are wrong. She isn't at school.

Урок 54

15.1) What is John doing now? — He is taking the temperature. 2) What is your brother doing now? — He have taken the temperature and having a rest. 3) Don't forget to take your temperature. 4) What is your sister doing now? — She is taking the medicine. 5) When I came in Jim was taking the medicine. 6) My brother will go to see the doctor tomorrow. He is coughing very much. 7) A doctor prescribes the medicine.

16.2. For measuring value, a money economy based on coins and paper bills, in primitive /societies, more practical system of exchange, precious metals, irrespective of the \ actual metal, issue paper money, promises to pay. Barter was a system of direct I exchange of goods. A coin is a piece of metal. Most modern coins are based on face value. Checks and credit cards are being used increasingly.
3. Money is used for buying or selling goods, for measuring a value and for storing wealth. A money economy based on coins and paper bills. In primitive societies was used a system of barter. , Because people's precise needs seldom coincided. In the form of bills. Checks and credit cards are being used increasingly.

23.1) You must water the flowers. 2) You will have to water the flowers, as I shall go to the country. 3) I can not read this book because I don't know French. 4) I shall not be able to come to see you tomorrow, as I shall be very busy. 5) Can you translate this document in English? 6) In a year you will be able to read English newspapers. 7) Yesterday you had to translate five sentences from Ukrainian into English. 8) May I take your pencil? Mine is broken. 9) As the weather was fine, the children had to walk in the park. 10) You must learn this rule by heart.

24. 2. New Plymouth is a small town in the United States of America. New Plymouth is famous for its rock. Many years ago Indians called the English people "Yankee" as they could not say "Englishman". They brought wild turkeys. The Thanksgiving Day devoted to the holiday of kindness and warmth.

Урок 56
29. At six or seven o'clock we turn on our TV-set. "What is of today?" my little brother Bill likes to ask me. Mother doesn't allow Bill to see all the programmes, and he is sometimes angry with us. Of course he likes to see the children's programmes, but that is not enough for him. As you know, Bill is a little boy and he goes to bed at nine o'clock. When the programme is over and we turn off the TV-set, little Bill is already asleep. He gets at eight o'clock. As for me, I go to bed at ten and get up at seven.

31.1) I lost my pen and had to write by pencil. 2) It will be Sunday tomorrow, but I have to go to school. 3) I had to return this book yesterday. 4) My brother will be able to translate this text tomorrow. 5) You could do this yesterday, couldn't you? 6) Your sister can play hockey, can't she? 7) Who will be able to come to a skating-rink tomorrow? — I shall. 8) May I take your pencil? —Yes, you may. 9) When I shall be able to see you?

Урок 57

38.2. at last, of course, like Harris, put the things back, one by one, do the rest, piles of plates. They broke a cup. I am sure I put it down on that chair. They packed it in the tea-pot.
3. They began packing. Yes, itwas. No, they were not. They didn't know how to pack things. They forgot useful things, broke a cup, put butter on a chair and packed it in the tea-pot.
39.1) My room is neither large nor small than yours. 2) July is neither long nor short, than August. 3) John is neither older nor younger, than his friend. 4) This clock neither good nor bad, than that. 5) I saw neither Peter nor his sister. 6) I didn't read neither this book nor that. 7) I didn't buy neither meat nor butter. 8) She didn't buy neither dress nor shirt.

Урок 59

51.2. Most schools in England have a sports day once a year in late spring or in summer. The children are taken to the field in buses. That day organized very well. Many events took place at that time. All the competitors change into their sports clothes. They change into sports clothes for the sport competitions. The running track is circular.
3. once a year, in buses, change into sports clothes, places for the high jump, at the same time, a break for lunch. They give up their programme and go back to school. The winners of different events are congratulated.

Урок 60

58.1) Ukraine is a unitary state. 2) The state language in Ukraine is the Ukrainian language.
3) The languages of national minorities are defended by the Constitution of Ukraine.
4) The territory of Ukraine is indivisible. 5) Ukraine is a law based state. 6) In Ukraine there is a single citizenship.
56.1) The first president of Ukraine was Mykhailo Hrushevski.
2) The first president of Ukraine elected by a national vote was Leonid Kravchuk.
3) The Constitution of Ukraine secures political rights of citizens.
4) The Act of Declaration of Ukrainian Independence of 24 August 1991 was approved by a national vote.
5) The Constitution of Ukraine consists of 15 chapters, 161 articles.
6) My rights are inviolable.
7) Censorship in Ukraine is prohibited.
8) The Constitution established a political system of Ukraine.
9) We must develop a democratic state.
10) Ukraine is a member of the Council of Europe.

Урок 61

63.2; 3; 4; 5; 9;
68.1) The Constitution of Ukraine is a Fundamental Law of state. 2) The Cabinet of Ministers is accountable to the Verhovna Rada. 3) The citizens of Ukraine have not just rights but also duties. 4) The Verhovna Rada has adopted the Constitution on behalf of the Ukrainian nation. 5) The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the highest body of the executive power. 6) The 28 of June is the state holiday in Ukraine.

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